We Are All Oppressed Supremacists

I was originally intending to post this a few days ago, on the 15th anniversary (if you can call it that) of the September 11th attacks. I decided to wait a couple of days just so I could organize this a little more. The things I’m about to say in this post may shock or disturb some of you. I mean if the title itself doesn’t do it already, then the next ten or so paragraphs might. Hopefully you don’t take things seriously enough to. But you have been warned nonetheless.

I will talk about what the attacks themselves mean to me (and have always meant to me since I witnessed them fifteen years ago) at a later time, but right now I want to talk about an event that took place weeks before it, when NFL starting quarterback Colin Kapernick (sp?) refused to stand and pledge his allegiance for the national anthem of the US before a game (which has eerily become standard nowadays). He received an equal amount of hatred and support for it, and the more I read about it, the more I saw both the support and hatred as nonsensical, very much mired in agenda.

CK’s (I’ll just use his initials for now on) supporters say: “He’s an oppressed black man! He has the right to do this! He’s standing up for those who also feel oppressed!” And then they usually plug some stance for nonsensical social justice and “systemic inequality” that is about 60 or so years too late.

Those who dislike what he did say: “He’s just another left leaning Social Justice Warrior who isn’t satisfied with what he has! He’s a hypocrite too, because he’s a big shot football player! He’s disrespecting muh country!!” And then they usually scream about how Donald Trump is gonna make America great again and that he’s probably an illegal immigrant or some other form of paranoid alt-right drivel.

This hilarious nonsensical dialogue revealed something to me and what we have become: We are a population of oppressed supremacists who only look out for our own kind. I’m not surprised by any of this discourse. We are wired, WIRED to protect our own kind and be territorial. Granted it is obsolete wiring because we now have (and for millennia have ignored) the prerogative to IGNORE this obsolete wiring and not be slaves to our egos (which is where this territorial nature stems from), but it is wired in our existence nonetheless.

This is why when raging “third wave” feminists scream about “rape culture,” or “street harassment” I nod my head and understand why they feel that way. They are looking out for their own kind and they feel threatened. They are oppressed supremacists.

When raging “Men’s Rights Activists” scream about society being “anti man” and how “women have it easy,” I shrug and understand them. They are looking out for their own kind and they feel threatened. They are ALSO oppressed supremacists.

When people see CK as a martyr for the free speech that the US promises in their constitution (and boy do I have a lot to say about that), I understand where they are coming from. We do have the right to dissent, and that is (kind of) what CK did.

When people see him as an “enemy of the state” because he was “disrespecting the flag” (how you can disrespect a painted piece of cloth is beyond me, but whatever), I also understand what they are saying. If you love the place you live, it isn’t easy to see someone not show the same love.

I borrow freely from all of these notions. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me. But like George Carlin, I tend to make fun of these fringe groups when they go too far. And I’m aware that as a white, perfectly able, Jewish man I am speaking from a place or privilege (according to Social Justice Warriors), but all these groups are going too far and take themselves way too seriously.

They all are convinced (literally) that they are speaking the absolute “truth” and that they are “standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves” (I F**KING hate that phrase). Well who are they to tell others how threatened they should feel? This is why I abandoned religion and became a Nihilist, and its why I try my best to never be involved in any kind of collective philosophy. I already know the rules and how to follow them, I have no interest in projecting collective philosophies onto others. I refuse to be an oppressed supremacist.

I don’t know what’s best for others. I only know what’s best for myself. I may think I know what’s best for others, I may have an idea, but I don’t know. I never will. And if you are part of one of these fringe groups who is “committed to social change,” (another phrase that I despise) you don’t know what’s best for others either. You only think you know based on the (very) biased info you receive from the group you follow.

It’s True to me, so it must be True to others!

Now let’s talk about the 9/11 attacks, which will take this subject even deeper. There are so many nonsensical opinions about the attacks themselves. I have run into those who say it was an act of war by Al-Qaeda (which is pretty much what everything on the news reported, and for good reason), and right out of the gate, when I watched the event take place on TV, I have come across people who said it was an “inside job” and it was “part of the new world order agenda” and other classic conspiracy theory tropes.

What a lot of those closest to me don’t know is that my father was actually conflicted on this, because he was a conspiracy theorist, but he was also an Israeli supremacist. So he didn’t know what to believe: The view that it was an act of war or that it was an inside job? So my (freshly) nihilistic, but worldly 19 year old self said: “Why not both? And why should it matter? Thousands of people died and tons of property was destroyed. I don’t care about how it happened,  I care about those who were affected!”

Since that day I have had to stop talking to people in my life (no one important, thankfully because I know better) because they are so wrapped up in their personal truths about not only 9/11, but other stuff as well. The reason my core beliefs (Nihilism, Entropy, Anarchy) are so demonized is because they aren’t just true to me: They have more grains of truth than other belief systems and are the closest to being objective. There is no meaning despite how much fictional history we want to write (Nihilism vs Religion), in nature, all things really are in a constant process of breaking down (Entropy), and the only people who can truly rule are the people themselves, and we do it pretty much every day when we make our own decisions about how to treat others and ourselves (Anarchism).

Now, are these beliefs perfectly true? Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. Like anything else, they are up for debate. They are true to me, but guess what? It does NOT mean that they are true to everyone else, and that I am “saving the world” with these beliefs. No, I’m just making sense of things around me.

I refuse to be an oppressed supremacist. Do I feel vilified for being a nihilistic anarchist? Back when I felt like an oppressed supremacist in high school and some of college, I did. But now, I don’t. I don’t need to. I have resisted my ego and am able to relate to others, even if they don’t believe what I believe. For example, there is an anarchist convention that is taking place a couple of hours from me tomorrow. I was considering going to it, just to mingle with my own kind. But I have resisted the temptation to go there. Why, you ask? Because I know exactly what is going to be said. They are going to scream about being oppressed supremacists! The only groups I will hang out with are those who share my hobbies: Bowling, Gaming, Writing. And why is that? Because when I am hanging out with other bowlers, gamers or writers, we generally aren’t going to be screaming about being oppressed supremacists.

I suggest you do the same. If the only people you associate with are groups who are “committed to social change,” its going to destroy you years down the road. You’ll be seen, even to your close friends, as a caricature. You won’t be able to relate to anyone besides those in your fringe group. You’ll be building and throwing yourself in your own Alcatraz. Stop posting stuff related to politics and social issues on social networking (unless you are blatantly joking about it). Its toxic. No one wants to hear it. No one (save for those in your own fringe group), even your own friends and family, wants to hear you scream about being an oppressed supremacist.

Stop trying to save the world, which is what everyone wants you to do. Save your own world.

As one of my favorite hip hop groups Us3 sings, “Be your own ruler of your own kind of land.”


  1. […] These chicks think that the world is against their own kind. If they were to take the POS test, they would easily get 90-100. These are the chicks who not only warn against scrubs and neckbeards (which I also do), they warn against all dudes, or at least dudes who don’t completely agree with them. At the expense of jumping down a rabbit hole, I don’t like how perverted feminism has become. And its because of POSuccubi that it is nearly transitioning to a hate group. […]


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