Are you a Paranoid Oppressed Supremacist?

So a month ago I posted about a concept I originally called the “Oppressed Supremacist,” which describe people who tell others what is best for them while talking about how their age/race/gender are being held back, vilified, or not taken seriously by society. These individuals continually scream about how the system is unfair for their kind and how things either “need to change” or “go back to the way they were.” They hardly ever use any real constructive arguments, opting instead to attack.

Also, to a Paranoid Oppressed Supremacist (POS for short), everything, and I mean EVERYTHING they say is the truth, despite the observation that truth is paradoxically usually an opinion that many agree on. The POS’s ego is a perfect storm of hypersensitivity combined with a vested interest in the group that they want to see improve. I am annoyed, amused, and sympathetic for them all at the same time: They are just looking out for their own kind in the end, even if they tell others what is best for them.

If you are getting mad while reading this, I’m happy. It means that I’ve affected your ego without really saying anything already. I’d love to see how you interact with others in any genuine way in real life. Many POS’s are walking hypocrites and although I won’t prove it now, I will instead do something that is kind of fun: Make a test to see exactly how much of a POS you may be. And that’s what this is: Its a test to see if you take your worldviews a little too seriously. And you probably do, it is how we are raised. We are raised to take ourselves too seriously and to “defend what’s right (whatever that means to you)!” Anyway, enough of my rambling. Here’s the test. Have fun!

Additionally, I will place what my answers would be to these questions at different points in my life. I’ll color code them and explain them later.

First of all, if you are under 18, immediately add 50 points. You are at an age where you are extremely impressionable and suspect to all kinds of programming from other POS’s, from your parents to your teachers, to yes, even me. Also, when you are 18, society pretty much dictates that you take yourself as seriously as humanly possible.

If you are under 25, add 25 points. You are still impressionable, and even worse, you (often belligerently) shout that you aren’t impressionable while you regurgitate the very sources that influenced you. I myself have done this, don’t feel bad. Like I said, we are programmed to take ourselves way too seriously.

If you are currently in College, add 10 points. You are around POS fueled ideas all around you when you are in College. Whether you like it or not, you are affected by them.

Okay! On with the test!

Do you believe in a Supreme Being/Deity?
Yes and the relationship is direct = 4
Yes but the relationship is not direct = 3
No = 4 (This was also my answer when I was under 18)

Do you know what Nihilism is?
Yes and I am a Nihilist = 3 (also my current answer)
Yes and I dislike it = 4
No = 2

_____ Lives Matter.
(Any specific race) = 5
All = 4
No = 3 (This was also my answer when I was under 18)

There is a war on:
Intellect = 3
Men/Masculinity = 5
Women = 5
LGBTs = 5
Perspective = 1

I need Feminism because:
Women are still oppressed = 8
I need stuff to laugh at? = 4
I don’t! We need Men’s Rights instead! = 8
I’m not answering this = 1

Do you know what the term “cisgendered (earlier known as “originally gendered”) means?
Yes and they are harmful = 5
Yes but they are only as harmful as their actions = 3 (This is also my current answer)
No = 1

Do you know what a “cuck” means?
Yes and you are one for disagreeing with me = 5
Yes but I know what it actually means (which is pretty weird) = 3.
No = 1 (This was also my answer when I was under 18)

Do you believe that there is a “Rape Culture?”
Yes and it affects everyone like a disease = 6
No, its an invention by raging feminists to control men’s sex lives = 6
Yes and it sucks no matter who you are = 5
Possibly. If there is, its isn’t as bad as it used to be = 3

The act of trolling:
Is hilarious even if I’m being trolled = 2
Is cyberbullying and should be against the law! = 8
Is hilarious unless I’m being trolled = 6

Do you know what a “Social Justice Warrior/Progressive” is?
Yes = 4
No = 1
Yes and I am one = 6
Yes and I hate them = 6
Yes and I troll them = 3

Do you know what an “Alt-Right” is?
Yes = 4
No = 1
Yes and I am one = 6
Yes and I hate them = 6
Yes and I troll them = 3

The government:
Needs to help poor people! = 5
Needs to build their military and stay out of my business! = 5
Needs to take a flying fuck off and let citizens govern themselves! = 5 (This has been my answer since before 18)
Is just kinda there and doesn’t affect me much = 2

Political party affiliation:
Democrat = 4
Republican = 4
Third Party = 3
None. I’m an Anarchist = 4 (My answer since before 18)
None = 1

I vote for:
Republican only = 5
Democrat only = 5
3rd Party only = 4
No one! Anarchy will save us! = 5 (My answer since before 18)
Who/Whatever makes me happy = 3

Is slowly being drained from us = 4
Is part of the evil patriarchy = 4
Has both good and bad aspects that should be micromanaged accordingly = 2 (This has been my answer since 18)

Is a sign of strength and is under fire = 4
Is sign of weakness = 4
Has both good and bad aspects that should be micromanaged accordingly = 2 (This has been my answer since 18)

“Hookup Culture:”
Gives chicks too much choice in dating = 5
Allows people better access to potential partners and allows dating to be much easier than before = 4 (also my current answer)
Allows bad men to run around = 5
Doesn’t affect me at all = 2

Do you know what “Body Positivity” is?
Yes and I am a proponent of it = 5
No = 2 (My answer until I first discovered it three or so years ago)
Yes and trolling them is hilarious = 4
Yes but it doesn’t affect me. Let people make their own decisions about their weight = 3

Acts of mass murder/terrorism:
Take place because we have too many guns in this country = 5
Take place because citizens are told not to open carry = 5
Are false flags designed to distract people = 7 (My answer until 25)
Are acts of misogyny = 5
Are acts of misandry = 5
Suck for everyone involved no matter who was involved or how it happened = 1

Redemption/destruction question: My worldviews:
Are The Truth. People need to wake up! = 10
Make sense to me, but I don’t care if others agree or disagree = -5 (also remove your under 18, under 25, or in college additional score)
Make sense to me, and I wish others would consider them = 5
Don’t make sense to me, but I feel like I have to follow them anyways = 8

Answers in Red are ones that I would have put down when I was under 18. Under 18 POS score = 94 + 50 for being under 18 —> 144
Answers in Blue are ones that I would have put down in between 19-25. 19-25 POS score = 90 + 25 for being under 25 —> 115 (and it would have been 125 from 19-22 before I took time off college)
Answers in Green are my current answers. Current score = 52

What does your score mean (To me)? The highest score you can get on this is I think somewhere around 110, not including your age or current enrollment in school. So keep that in mind.

Over 90 = There are two words that describe you. Batshit Insane. You pretty much impose your worldviews on others and you probably know that you are doing so. I predict that everything, EVERYTHING you read gives you some kind of knee-jerk reaction. There’s protecting your own kind and then there is straight up wanting your own kind to rule others. So keep warning others about stuff that personally inconveniences you, I’ll be over here laughing while I troll the shit out of you. The more you call me weird names for disagreeing and tell me that I’m part of some grand scheme against whatever your “cause” is, the more lulz I get. So keep it up.

89-80 = Let me ask you something. If someone came up and told you that you are causing someone else distress and you weren’t remotely responsible for it, how would you feel? I know what you would say back, because people like you are as predictable as night and day, but how would you feel? Threatened. Threatened is how you would feel, because you wear your worldviews on your damn sleeve. And although you aren’t nearly as psychotic as the over 90 POS crowd, you are still a POS. Stop judging others by their worldviews or qualities they have by accidental birth, quit “showing people the truth” on social media, and get a hobby or something.

79-70 = Now we’re getting somewhere. You have accepted the fact that not everyone who disagrees with you is evil. Good. Now, your next goal is to 1) not get butthurt when someone makes fun of your worldviews, and 2) Accept that maybe, just maybe, there might be some pitfalls in your worldviews. Although you aren’t a Paranoid Oppressed Supremacist, you are still paranoid and oppressed. Stop living in some fantasy world where you feel you are held down by some other force and worldview. And for god sake, stop sharing your social and political stuff on social media. Whether you know it or not, its toxic behavior.

69-60 = Not bad. Not impressive, but not bad. But you still get slightly upset when faced with disagreement. You still live by at least 2 worldviews you have, even if you disagree with some of the conventions of them. You still share them on social media, and you think you are doing something good because of it. But like the great Milton Friedman says, “There is nothing more harmful than good intentions.” I understand you want others to at least check out what your worldviews are. But really, it isn’t helping.

59-50 = You are almost there. Nearly there. But no one is perfect in this. And this is as good as you’ll ever get. Because everyone NEEDS a worldview, and you live by at least one in order to feel alive (I myself live by three: Cynicism, Nihilism, and Anarchy). NOW! You have a responsibility. And that is to never, and I mean NEVER share social or political stuff on social media unless you are making fun of them. In fact, it is your responsibility to make fun of more or less everything around you, taking seriously what should be taken seriously, and laughing at things you think aren’t. And prepare for TONS of disagreement, because those in the above crowds will despise you for not being paranoid, oppressed, or a supremacist (like society says you should be).

Under 50 = Stop bullshitting yourself. You’re in the over 90 crowd and you know it. If you were looking for an ego boost because you deliberately chose the answers with the least amount of points, look elsewhere. I know what you truly feel. Hell, I’d respect someone in the over 90 crowd more than you, at least they were honest! You’ve been called out. Now bring the butthurt.

As you can see, until 25 or so, I was a full blown POS. And I was: To be brief, when I was under 18, my father pretty much laid out the groundwork for most of my worldviews involving gender and sexuality. I became a raging nihilist and anarchist pretty much because I disliked my own religion, but when he went on Neomasculinity rants, I listened attentively because it was very much appealing.

When I started studying social sciences in college, I was exposed to the opposite: I was exposed to tons of progressive philosophies. I started to retract my opinions about society and gender etc. that my father had, but it took over me because even in my early 20s, I was very much impressionable.

By the time I had turned 25, I had been around a fair amount of both philosophies, enough for me to create rational worldviews encompassing both. That’s why you see a near 50 point decrease in the raw scores from when I was under 25 until the current day.

If you scored anything higher than 75 on this, I strongly suggest you look into other worldviews as well as dial back your ego. Being a Paranoid Oppressed Supremacist is not healthy no matter what side you are on.


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