Why I Decided not to get Into Teaching and why I Will Never be a Parent

Time for me to bitch about the two things that I used to think I wanted but now see exactly what would happen if I were to take those two routes: Teaching and Parenting.

Let’s first get this out of the way, I don’t dislike parents or teachers. I think they are wasting their time and are on a road to being very unhappy in their later years, but I have nothing but sympathy for both. I feel like teachers and parents have been led down a very false road where they think that teaching and parenting are the ONLY ways to be a good person in this world. And for that, I feel bad for them.

But bad is the only thing I feel for them. My sympathy for teachers and parents is empty, I just feel obligated to feel bad for them. It sucks that they were tricked into believing they will be happy because of those decisions, but it was their choice. Also, this doesn’t mean that I can’t express negative opinions on either, which I am about to do.

Despite what more or less every collective amount of social conditioning proponent wants you to believe, parents are extremely selfish. Has it occurred to anyone why people start families? Its to foolishly carry on a legacy, and in most cases, the bloodline does not need to extend. Most who start families aren’t doing it to pass on their knowledge and skills to another generation, they do it to impress others. Keep this observation in mind, I’ll be referring to it quite a bit throughout the article.

Elementary and Secondary educators are glorified wardens, slave drivers, and babysitters for the state, full stop. This is where you stop reading, head straight to the comment section, and call me all sorts of names because you can’t handle the truth. Because the state has deemed that kids don’t have the ability to run around during the day making their own choices about what they learn, they have decided on their own that it would be better to place them in the company of others. This is more or less a federal law by the way. And they say slavery has ended? Not if you are under 18! I’ll be referring to this observation throughout the article as well.

I just got done watching a video published by a facebook page by the website “bored teachers” stating eleven things that a teacher does not want to hear. Here are my responses.

My kid gets bored easily. Is your class going to be interesting?

People don’t understand the limitations teachers have when it comes to conducting their lessons. When I was taking my preparatory classes for teaching in college, we had to constantly compare our lessons against the guidelines that the department of education had already planned out. I pretty much wanted my lessons to be like a nonstop show of Jeopardy, where the kids would constantly compete with one another. There would be no exams at all and you would be graded by how much you won. Something like that would never fly in a classroom today.

You should add more fun activities in your lessons.

See above. Most teachers can’t do this. And why should it be fun or interesting? This is more or less proof that not only narcissism, but ADHD is slowly being coded into our DNA. If you can’t sit through an hour lecture without fidgeting or moving or making noise and you are over we’ll say, 12 years old, there is something seriously wrong. Not everything in life is exciting and fun, and the sooner a kid knows that, the better.

My taxes pay your salary, so technically, I’m your boss.

Here we see the psychotic narcissism and arrogance of the common parent on display for the first time, and it will be the first of many unfortunately. First of all, the taxes that people pay to the department of education pay the higher ups of the department first: The superintendents, the principals, the counselors, and anyone else who has an administrative position. Teachers and other staff members get a trickled down version of what the administrators get. Also, this exposes parents for the narcissists they become. Its not enough that they want to boss around their kids, but now they want to boss around teachers too? If this is your philosophy as a parent, then do your kids and the gene pool a favor and put that kid up for adoption. We really don’t want narcissism to be coded into our DNA.

I’m going to quit my desk job, so I can do something easy like teaching!

Like teaching is that easy, buddy. Yes, they are both forms of wage slaving that no one should ever consider for the long term, but teaching is a whole nother form of wage slaving. At a desk job you make a bunch of calls, do a bunch of paperwork, deal with mindless office gossip, get yelled at by a boss who is also getting yelled at, but that’s about it. People who camp at a workstation for 9 hours don’t have to take their work home for the most part. Teachers MUST take work home.

Tests are a good way to see if teachers are doing their job correctly.

Is that why our IQ is getting lower and lower and why the overall quality of education has gotten worse since the department of education was founded in 1979? Tell me, I want the answer to this. Are tests necessary? Yes. Most organizations revolve around them. But do they measure the performance of adolescents and teenagers? Absolutely not. I’m more concerned about what those populations can DO, not what they can memorize.

It must be nice to get paid to read books to kids, color pictures, play, and then get summers off.

Yeah, it is! And when the state and other education administrators constantly tell you HOW you MUST read, color and play, that’s nice too!

I went to school for 17 years, I can teach too.

Technically, this is correct. However, I’d like you to answer the following: Are you an introvert? Do you enjoy having people who have no idea what they are supervising tell you what to do all the time? Do you like having your creativity and individuality stripped from you? No? Then you can’t teach.

My kid is flunking your class, what are you doing wrong?

Christ, here we go again with the narcissistic, arrogant parenting. The teacher (who, again, functions as a babysitter more than an educator) isn’t doing anything wrong, you are a stupid person who decided to reproduce. But no, let’s continue to be a child even though you now HAVE a child. What parents don’t understand is that kids watch EVERYTHING their parents do and attempt to copy it, especially in their young age. So if a parent is gonna blame a teacher for their kid’s bad performance, what do you think the kid will start doing? That’s right, he or she will adopt a victim mentality their whole life and the people around them will be paying for their misery.

Oh, if only eugenics were still in place. If only.

Spend more time planning lessons and less time decorating!

Parents have a fetish for telling others what to do, and to be honest, that comes with being a parent. Its an unwritten contract with the underworld that a parent signs as soon as they have a child. Its like they now feel like since they “own” a kid, they now see everything involving their kid as property. Its very toxic and it hurts everyone involved. And also, like I said before, teachers don’t have as much freedom as everyone thinks when making their lesson plans. If they were able to be more creative, they could certainly work more on their lesson plans. But because they can’t, they are resolved to decorating the classroom.

I wish you cared about your children as much as you do about your salary.

I wish you homeschooled your kids, this way public school teaching can finally be phased out as a job. Wait, was that out loud? You read that correctly: I don’t want public school teachers to exist. Teachers are extraordinary individuals, and they are FAR above being babysitters for facilities created by the department of education. They should be making blogs like I do, and they should be “teaching” that way. There are bloggers, podcasters, and youtubers, who make at least twice the amount that teachers do, and they do less than half the work. I am attempting to be one of those. I wish that teachers would just quit their jobs, and start blogs and websites like I am doing.

You only have to work 10 months a year.

Here we go AGAIN with the narcissistic parenting, which I am now calling “fast food parents” (FFP for short). This time you’re comparing hours put in? I know that “parenting is a full time job” (and why you want to give your kid away to public babysitters for 9 hours a day is beyond me), but really, if executed well, it isn’t. Parents who homeschool their kids, in all probability, would not bitch about this. They wouldn’t be able to, they would be doing what FFPs can’t: Taking their kid with them wherever they go, having them learn along with the parent. But that is WAY too organic a way to raise a kid for anyone else to accept.

This is the first part of a big series on parenting and teaching. Expect to hear a lot more from me on the subject. Until then, here is some advice for parents and teachers.

Teachers, quit your job as soon as your tenure allows you to. You are wasting your energy, and Tragically so. Your efforts will continue to be unappreciated by FFPs and the department who comprise your masters. If you really want to teach, give private lessons.

Parents, take your kids out of public school and let YOUR WORLD be their campus. Take them to work with you. Take them to events with you. You don’t need public school. At all. What you DO need is freedom. And Public School will never provide you with that.


  1. Yeah I’s a goal to homeschool my kid when my finances are sorted and I’m able to, it pains me that he is learning from other people best part of the day and basically interacts with me for 2 hours at night, its very scary. I am not a huge fan of the general schooling system pumping them through like cattle either. Our classes have up to 40 kids per teacher and yeah most of them have ADHD or Bipolar, Jesus I’d kill myself if that was my job since basically when you try discipline them you get the angry ‘parent mob’ attacking you at PTA or demanding your dismissal. FML teachers have it bad.


    • A few responses:

      First, you can pretty much already homeschool your kid. Having them hang out with you, go to work with you etc. shouldn’t break your budget. Now if you are talking about materials, yes you’ll probably need some cash to buy books and stuff.

      40 kids a teacher is fine, and in many cases, not enough. Some of my favorite classes were in college, where as many as 300 students were in a big auditorium. It felt like I was going to a show. I loved it. But around 10 of us and one teacher? I felt like I was being watched. And I was. The ADHD, bipolar, and even autism usually is passed down by parents with bad genes. Don’t forget, you’re talking to a eugenics fan here.

      Lastly its like I said: I have empty sympathy for teachers. They made their grave. And there are other jobs that are WAY more stressful that don’t pay nearly as much.

      I’m glad you liked the article and good luck.


      • Funny enough I do sometimes take him to work but it’s hard since I’m in sales and travel a lot to construction sites and factory plants but I hear you. When I am in the office he does his ‘business’ at an empty desk which is hilarious because his always dishing out warnings to imaginary staff (we an HR Company) and the office ladies love when his there and will coo all afternoon at him begging for him to marry their daughters one day, urgh.

        Lol I was a keen fan of eugenics until people started screaming Nazi at me, so I will admit I do keep most of my opinions to myself unless something overcomes me and they have no direct influence over my income, which sadly in my small town means most people are my customers so I have to keep my ‘radical’ ideas to myself.

        Talking about small towns majority of locals are massively inbred. I can see by the features and prevalence of inherited diseases, I am exempt since I was born here but am genetically ‘foriegn’ so I was lucky enough to be ‘inbred’ in another country!

        I’m pro mass sterilization but apparently that violates human rights so whatev’s. Personally wanted to get my tubes tied when I was 18 but doctors refuse to do it unless you over 30 and have 2 children, you know because humans are commodities and if one dies who cares there’s two so yay for spares right?


  2. [Lol I was a keen fan of eugenics until people started screaming Nazi at me]

    Let’s be fair. Eugenics has a very dark past, as it was very much considered a haphazard form of racism when it was popularized. So people have a right to view it as such but they also have the responsibility that the concept of it has changed.

    Case in point: The “affirmative consent” thing that most of the manosphere bitch about is what I would call passive eugenics. If you are too much of an asshole to get the other parties’ confirmation that they are ready to have sex, then you really don’t deserve to have sex.


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