The High School Mentality and its Puppet Masters Exposed: A Primer


The environment is the same, the only thing that is different is the location. My war on the high school mentality and the public school system begins now.

Before I begin this article, I would like to personally tell my bowling buddy that he’s a jerk as well as awesome for mentioning the series 13 Reasons Why on my facebook feed. In making me curious about the series, he lit a fire under my ass. and because this fire is lit under my ass, I now have to bust said ass in giving my full, undisclosed opinions on public school, what I will call the high school mentality, and the endless host of misunderstandings, cruelty (accidental or no), and the never ending (and obsolete) battles for value and popularity that it comprises.

I must also thank my bowling buddy for the same: Because watching this series has led me on a mission of mercy. I haven’t felt this passionate about anything in a long time. This article is going to turn into a book. And the book will hopefully be remembered for a long time. It will be one of my life’s work. Its going to be therapeutic for me for sure, but it will be designed to help others as well.

It will also be an attempt to expose the public school system of (most) western nations for what they really are: Manufactured Chaos with maximum cover ups and close to zero accountability. I escaped through retaining the innocence of my adolescence by most of my high school experiences with my childhood friend. When he moved and I couldn’t walk to and from his place any more, the high school mentality attempted to swallow me. And it almost did. Within the posts (of which there will be TONS), you will see exactly how this took place, and exactly how it happened.

And how will I do this, you ask? I have journal entries from my teenage years, which I never disposed of. I had a weird habit of going back, reading them, then laughing, and I never thought that I would be referring to them in this way. I kept a journal for a little under a decade, from 1996 when I was in junior high school until a little bit into college. Snapshots of said journal entries, The series 13 Reasons Why, as well recollections of my own experiences will be the only research I will be conducting.

Keep in mind; I am going to hold NOTHING back here, I will be attacking everything from all angles, and I’m not expecting anybody, friends or even family, to agree with me. I’ve always valued my ability to not preach to others. In fact, for the last five years, it has transformed from a value, which I can compromise, to a principle which I cannot compromise. That’s right, I’m going back on my promise to myself to never attempt to save the world here. That’s how much this means to me. As I mentioned before: I am on a mission of mercy.

13 Reasons Why is a clear cut documentary about what public school, and especially the high school mentality can do to our youth. No one understands how much of a calamity it truly is. My story is different from the story that is told in the series, but my point remains the same.

The high school mentality nearly drove me to the point of insanity, and allow me to be brutally honest here, and this will expose me as a person I’m sure, and is something that I am not proud of: If it weren’t for bad logistics, I had the intention to repeat exactly what happened during the Columbine Shootings of 1999. That’s how much the high school mentality got to me. I had dreams about it. I mentioned it more than I should have in classes. I wrote fantasies, deeply vivid fantasies, about repeating it. Again, I’m not proud of this.

Although I dislike her for being affiliated with statist politicians, I agree with Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote that small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, and that great minds discuss ideas. And the idea of the high school mentality is getting put on notice right here.

Well, for as long as it takes me, I am going to commit an ideological widespread massacre, one that will magnify many fold that of any school shooting or any high school girl killing herself.

I will not hold back. My war on the high school mentality as a whole, and EVERYONE involved begins here.

Join me. If you don’t, I have three words for you:

It’s your funeral.

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