Laci Green: POS for Hire

03-07-cover-bannersize-752x440I’m pretty sure everyone reading this knows about my concept of Paranoid Oppressed Supremacists. In this article, I’ll be exploring the dialogues and discourse of a particular POS, who makes money by being one. This isn’t the only person to make money from being a POS, but this individual definitely shows exactly how profitable being a POS is. In fact, it may as well be a new term: PO$. A Paranoid Oppressed $upremacist, or someone who uses toxic collectivist agendas to make money.

Let’s be honest: Laci Green isn’t the only PO$ out there. There’s this guy, and this guy. Although they are PO$es, they also come up with posts that give good advice, like this one and this one, which is particularly interesting as at least the author is self aware of being a PO$.

Being a POS, and especially being a PO$ is playing life on easy mode. As an anarcho-capitalist (and I’ll explain what that means in a bit) I could easily write article after article and do youtube video after youtube video about how if you are NOT an anarcho-capitalist you aren’t a good person or something, which is what this guy and what this chick does.

All of these individuals would easily score at least 90 on my POS test. Or they would lie to themselves and score really low.

I could easily cherry pick current events that make me mad, post why they make me mad and why they should make you mad. Then write a book talking about events and concepts that make me mad, and why they should make you mad. Then I could talk about how anyone who isn’t an anarcho-capitalist like myself is a bad person who has held me back. Its disturbingly easy to do.

And for the icing on the cake, I could talk about how I am a “victim” of certain things that are nothing if not negligible inconveniences. Being a professional victim is not only easy, but profitable; OBSCENELY profitable. Our own president jokingly mocked them and won the election. And he still mocks them, although I’ve always thought that President Trump was a professional victim who is running from his own insecurities. Many rulers and significant leaders do this; its in their nature.

You can go that route if you want. And even better, you can go that route and then laugh behind the curtains with those closest to you. That’s the route that Laci Green has chosen. I find this equal parts predictable and pathetic. By pathetic I don’t mean that I dislike what she did. I just feel sorry for her. Sympathetic contempt is all I feel for any POS. Why not use that energy to tell your own story, the lessons you learned, and make a living off of that, and completely do away with being a POS? Will your popularity take a hit? Yeah. Will you make less money as a result? Absolutely. But you’ll reclaim your soul, and you’ll be a much better person in the making.

Here’s what she did: Green has always been a fairly vocal supporter of the women’s movement, having very progressive views. The views on her videos in the last year averaged in the 400000 or so range. She took time off, and then came out with this video:

This video outperformed nearly every other video that she has ever made, with 1.4 million views. It was done six short months after she said the exact opposite, which had half the views:

So within not even half a year, this chick who was adamantly against anything conservative, now suddenly is sympathetic to those who aren’t progressive?

Something isn’t right here. It looks like someone wants to get more people to watch her videos so she could make more money. It certainly looks like that to me.

Its one thing to change your outlook on how you should govern yourself. Hell, that’s happened to me more times than I can count. 15 years ago, when I was 20, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. A decade ago, I wanted to teach. And for the last 5, I’ve been wanting to write.

But we’re not talking about personal choices here. We’re talking about worldviews. And no normal person who isn’t an adolescent just switches their worldview the way Green did in half a year. Hell, no one over 25 should switch their worldview like that at all, and Green is 28.

I’ve had the same worldviews for the last 20 years which is one of absolute freedom: Freedom of choice, expression, enterprise, defense, freedom of everything. I’ve been a strict anarcho-capitalist since high school. I am proud to have never even registered to vote, support zero politicians or any form of government, and do my best to be my own ruler of my own type of land. I don’t complain about politicians and rulers; I complain that they even exist, and until “an anarcho capitalist society” is on the ballot I will never vote. I don’t even believe in the concept of citizenship. I’ve generally had this philosophy since high school, and certainly since 25.

If I was creating content about anarcho-capitalism and then six months later said that I was sympathetic with statists, I would be questioned. Heavily. But I’m not an anarcho-capitalist PO$, so I don’t need to worry about that kind of thing.

However, not everyone is like me, so I can understand if someone under 25 goes from being progressive to not-so progressive. I can even understand if someone over 25 makes a slight change in their worldview. For example, they used to be racist or something but then saw that they could make more money by treating all races the same so then they stopped being racist. Or even someone who was against abortion but then had a kid on the way, did some research and then decided that it would be better than raising a kid in bad circumstances or something.

But going from one major worldview, especially in Green’s case where she was such a staunch proponent of women’s issues/rights/empowerment to now becoming what she calls a skeptic is very suspect.

The POS, and especially the PO$ don’t make these kinds of changes without some kind of plan behind it. They always think in terms of group mentality. If they were to treat things on a case-by-case basis, they would have no argument for their dialogue. Its understandable, that Green has created a brand based on this. Her “red pill” video may have gotten 1.4 views for now, but if she makes the decision to truly branch away from being a PO$ (or attacking PO$ individuals or groups, that too is acting like a PO$), the views on her videos will be much lower and before you know it she’ll go right back to being a women’s rights PO$ again. Or she’ll go the complete other direction and she’ll become an alt-right or something.

It only took her six months for her to go from burying President Trump, a person who many of the “red pill” crew are big fans of, to “taking the red pill.”

Who knows what she’s gonna do in the next few months.


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