The Collectivist Inquisition #2: The Tactics of Collectivists

In part one, I discussed about the goals of collectivists. And in this part, I want to explain about how exactly collectivists operate and what they have drawn upon over the last few centuries. The last article I wrote about this addressed the “what” and the “why” This answers the “how” when it comes to POSes, and not necessarily how they operate now but how they may eventually operate in the future.

As with all my other POS related materials, allow me to state that I do not actively dislike POSes. I simply have sympathetic contempt for them. And again, allow me to describe exactly what a POS is.

If you tell people to stay woke™, you are a POS.

If you tell others that they are bad people because they didn’t vote for the person who you voted for, you are a POS.

If you believe in any form of pride based on your race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else that is not related to an individual achievement, you are a POS.

If you think you have to save the world™, from stuff that you don’t like, you are a POS. This goes double if you select a specific group of people you want to save the world from. This goes triple if you intend to physically set out to inconvenience individuals in that group, either physically in a riot or peacefully in a protest.

And finally, if you have scored at least 80 on this test (which I will eventually recreate as I was drunk when I made the first one), then you are a POS.

In the last article, I explored what the intentions of POSes are, or at least what I believe they want. POSes want, in order of importance:

-Absolute supremacy and infinite agency of their own group. They want their group to become a master race or gender
-They want their opponents to either leave their areas peacefully, or they will be exterminated.
-They want those who join them to obey them at all times without any dissent.

Argue all you want, this is what a group that identifies chiefly on the agency of their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation want, at least in the long term. Some are brave/dumb enough to admit this, which is what the alt right and the white nationalists are doing. Some are more clever but still possess dead giveaways that their intent is to be a master race, such as progressives.

Even more need some figuring out, but eventually, if you dabble enough in the Anarcho-Capitalist concepts of the Non-Aggression Principle and Perfect Individuality (a term I created, which I will define in full in the next article), you’ll figure out that they are no different.

So the burning question must be asked: How exactly have POSes done what they have done, and how are their philosophies of groupthink going to eventually take over the west? My answer is threefold: One is a practice from the 14th century, another is the existence of a group that is still at large today, and another is the emergence of a very meaningless conflict that has been taking place a lot longer than we think it has. Keep in mind, these are just some observations of mine and they are attempts at making connections. All things considered, I’m really having some fun here.

The first strategy that POSes use is to mimic most western religions. And specifically, they are attempting to do what the Spanish did during the Inquisition during the 14th Century. To an absolute layperson, people who did not have the belief systems or customs that matched up to the preferences of the Spanish during the Inquisition were sought out and either forced to change their customs, leave, or in most cases outright killed. This is a prediction of mine, but collectivists in the west will be doing similar.

I’ve been seeing connections between POS groups and organized religion for quite some time, probably since my high school years. I’ve always argued that many religious texts are propaganda intended to use guilt to micromanage the actions and thoughts of the public. The emotional appeal found in many prayerbooks (of any kind) do this. If you read some of the content in the prayerbooks and you watch or read anything from collectivist thinkers, you’ll encounter very similar things. This observation will be unwrapped later.

The second strategy that POSes use, and one that is intimately tied to religion, are cults, specifically the Church of Scientology. Many know exactly what Scientologists do and what they have done. Starting a couple of days after the events of Charlottesville, a documentary about Scientology aired. As someone who has gathered info about the cult before, I was interested in what it contained.

None of it surprised me. I have known for years that Scientologists keep their members extremely close and never let them leave permanently. With the eerie efficiency of an Empire, major authority figures in Scientology have made it to where they can hire hitmen to hunt down its ex-members, or anyone who decides to leave their ranks for any reason. And you can bet your bottom dollar that any POS group, from social justice warriors to white nationalists are watching Scientologists closely to see exactly how they do what they do. It is in their best interest.

Behold: The eerie “cult leader” vibe you get from many a speaker who, when you hear them, seem that they give their own kind (and especially the other) a little too much agency. There are many more than these, but if you watch the actions of what I call PO$es such as Laci Green, Stephen Crowder, Anita Sarkeesian, or Jordan Peterson, you’ll see (and hear) exactly what I mean. It is almost like they NEED their opponents as a life force.

All four of these individuals are extremely charismatic, know exactly what to say to give people that “knee-jerk” reaction. They use words that no one would really use in person. They emphasize certain words and phrases to attain emotional responses perfectly, as if they have been rehearsing. They have. They study the sides of their opponents just as much as their own. And my own camp, the Libertarians/Anarcho-Capitalists? They aren’t much better. Watch anything from Adam Kokesh or John Stossel, two individuals who I paid the most attention to when I was developing my decisive Libertarian worldviews in the early 2010s. They also know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.

And people worship them like gods! This is what I meant by hero worship a few lines back. This happens more on the internet (but it will eventually take place in person as well, just watch), but I’ve heard individuals speak very highly of these PO$es, as if they were infallible supreme beings. More and more of these individuals are emerging, to make unsuspecting individuals who lack the knowledge of self to see things on a case-by-case basis. Its happening more and more every passing year.

The final strategy that I see collectivists using is the seemingly never ending holy wars taking place in the Middle East. Now before I continue, I am NOT going to go all Conspiracy Theorist (another POS Group by the way, many do not know this, or wish not to know this) and say what they say about Jews. I WILL say that Israeli authorities and elder statesmen as well as their Palestinian counterparts are manipulating everything about these conflicts. There is a lot of (fake) money that can be made from war, and Defending your kind against those who wish to destroy your culture and race ™ is one of the best recruitment methods that man has come up with.

One of my favorite movies is an obscure Adam Sandler film called You Don’t Mess With the Zohan. In it, Sandler plays an Israeli soldier who decides to stowaway during a mission and become a hairdresser in the US. During his journey to become one, he witnesses that in the US, Israelis and Palestinians get along perfectly, like they never were at war. It is a silly movie that is not that good, but the message is worth interpreting.

In Zohan, the Israelis and Palestinians in the US who were getting along were taken out of their element. They weren’t surrounded by PO$es who told them that they should have pride in their nationality (which is a BIG strategy used by POSes). They were surrounded by people who thought that anyone who looks middle eastern is probably a terrorist™ and they understood that it was up to them to prove everyone wrong. They had an incentive to eliminate a stereotype that was probably true of neither.

It is worth exploring this element that makes POSes the most comfortable. You never really see protests, marches, or rallies outside of places where no one has specific agency, such as strip malls, malls in general, or anywhere that POSes are seen as unsettling and can’t recruit others. You see the marches outside of government buildings, college campuses, certain schools, and other places where they have a little more agency.

So those are some strategies that POSes use to recruit and how they use events from the past as reference experiences in their recruiting techniques. They are deceptively good at this, and as an individual who decides to think for him or herself (if you read this blog you are more than likely one of them), you need to know when you are being targeted by a POS. Or, if you are a POS, you need to learn how to unwire yourself so you can quit seeing the world through one lens and instead see it through a lens that utilizes shades of gray. I will be covering how to do that in the next post. Stay tuned.


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