You vs. You


This is the philosophy that, if you adopt it this coming year, will help you tremendously. It will be much more effective than trying to have cooler possessions than others like an overgrown degenerate high schooler. It will be way more effective than saving the world from some kind of imagined malady. For about six years now, I have completely adopted this kind of philosophy. And it has been introducing me to worlds I had never seen. These are worlds that will make me a much more effective human being than I have ever been, if I commit to it.

Now, allow me to be honest. declaring “you vs you” involves sacrifice. It means that you must stop acting like a victim, no matter what has happened to you. It also means that you must give up on saving the world and instead work on accepting, adapting, and adjusting to the cards that are being dealt to you. If you are invested one iota in outside forces (or at least the outside forces that do not majorly affect you), this will be a very, extremely difficult transition. It will, for the most part, not make sense to you. This is because society as a whole has turned into a perpetual high school experience, resulting in the existential death of the individual.

An intimate sense of self awareness is necessary to declare you vs. you. When you come across a current event, instead of freaking out, you must ask, objectively, what it means to you. As I mentioned previously, the majority do not think this way; they would rather save the world. They would rather turn their backs to personal responsibility and instead let others dictate their behavior. And this is one of the most major sacrifices that you will have to make. It is the biggest temptation you will need to resist.

To declare you vs. you, there are a number of additional sacrifices that you need to make. Allow me to list them off right now:

As I keep mentioning, you must sacrifice most of your emotional stake in the social and political events surrounding you. This means no more voting, no more going to protests, no more posts on anything involving social and political people or events (unless you are getting paid for it or something). Take this test to see where you stand on this. If you get higher than, we’ll say, 80, then work on reducing that score, starting with the section where you scored the most points.

You’ll also need to abandon the very common tendency to generalize, and instead see things on a case by case basis. I will eventually write a completely different article on this, but for now just practice this by saying “that’s how this one thing went, what about all of the other things involved?”

You must be able to sacrifice another common tendency, and that tendency is to analyze your actions and decisions emotionally. The perpetual high school mentality has made this obscenely difficult. Comparing how “successful” you are to others is one of the biggest wastes of energy a person can perform other than trying to save the world. I used to do this constantly until six or so years ago. As soon as I understood that it was a waste of energy, I stopped and became a little more successful in all areas.

And finally, you must be able to stop seeing yourself as what society says you are. For example, society tells me that I am a loser. I am 35, live with my folks, make very little money, have little money, and do not have a family, which is what society says most men should have by 35. But what society does not know is that I have had to endure a quarter century of unfortunate events, many of which affected my self esteem to where I did not believe I was capable of traditional success.

This does not make me successful or unsuccessful. It just makes me a person. A person who has a story to tell to help other people. I am also a person who wishes to help himself by helping others.

Many say that you have to declare “you against the world” to become successful or to be good at anything. I disagree. The only constant is you. Declare “you vs. you.”

May the new year be your best year!


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