Stephanie McMahon + Ronda Rousey = The Feminine Imperative


I perform a lot of social and cultural commentary on this blog. Different than many, however, I only call things like I see them, objectively. I also follow the phrase “live and let live” like it is a religion. It is one of three principles I hold dear, meaning I promise to myself and others that no matter how much adversity a cultural change places on me, I will refuse the temptation to express any positive or negative opinions about it.

And as I keep pointing out on this blog (and for good reason), our culture is one that is dedicated to the exact opposite: Saving the world from anything they dislike. And again, if people wish to do this, it is their funeral. Let them waste their energy. They will fight and be jerks to each other, I’ll be busy accepting, adapting, and adjusting to whatever cultural changes I face.

I view cultural changes like blackjack. Some cultural changes do not play into my advantage, some give me an advantage, and some are completely negligible. Any time you get emotional, you are almost guaranteed to lose. To me, most of these cultural changes are negligible and do not directly affect me, or at least will not affect me for a long time. This article is about one of those phenomenons.

I rarely ever write about wrestling in this blog, and that is because it is not as popular as it used to be. However, it is still something I enjoy watching and writing about. And what we have seen in wrestling, if you have been watching in the last three or so years, you’ve seen that there is a sudden emphasis on female performers. In just two years, we have seen the first ladies’ “hell in the cell (basically a giant cage)” match, the first ladies’ royal rumble match, and in a few weeks, we will see the first ever ladies’ “Elimination Chamber” match (basically a giant cage where 6 performers come out at certain intervals and defeat each other until there is one person left).

The person who announced all three of these events is Stephanie McMahon, one of WWE’s major figures and Vince McMahon’s daughter. On TV she plays the role of a person of almost unlimited power, with the ability to do anything to anyone with very little repercussion or consequence. She dominates TV appearances at all of the most inopportune times, and represents perfectly a woman who is held back by nothing. We will see more and more women be able to achieve such a position in real life instances in the future. Is this good? Bad? Well, that obviously depends on if you are a man or a woman. For society, its completely negligible. Its simply one power structure (patriarchy) being swapped out for another (matriarchy) because of our decision to remain collective in our thinking and tribal in our actions.

Women in combat sports has blown up considerably in the last five years. In particular, Ronda Rousey, a once prominent MMA fighter, has been heralded as a second coming of other prolific female figures such as Joan of Arc, Rosie The Riveter, and Wonder Woman. Was she that great a fighter? Not really. When more “manlier” looking women began fighting her, she lost to them decisively. But she looked just feminine enough to attract a major audience. The women who defeated her did not look nearly as approachable.

Anyone who has been closely observing western culture knows that this was coming a mile away. This modern version of Girl Power has been a thing for nearly 20 years, having reached another milestone in the 2010s. And currently, women’s groups are attempting to replace patriarchal power structures with matriarchal ones. And because we have had a love affair with collectivism for what seems like millennia, this cycle will never end.

This is something that Rollo Tomassi has called the “Feminine Imperative.” Now I’m not a fan of Tomassi, he is a POS after all (with a huge emphasis on the “Paranoid” part, at least as far as his writing is concerned). But his observation is very accurate in this case. And the trends of WWE in the last five or so years have shown me that absolutely nothing in the west can escape the Feminine Imperative. Many fans of wrestling, most of them being heterosexual males, are rather uncomfortable with this. They see a wrestler accused of sexual misconduct and complain about it because they are scared of being accused of it themselves.

Unlike the POS Collectivist, I don’t look at cultural change as problems that need to be solved, I look at them and try to see if I can use it to my advantage. More people coming out about being sexually assaulted than ever? Great! I was sexually assaulted in my teen years as well as in my 30s, I can help those people! More men being accused of sexual misconduct? That means its being openly talked about and sex is no longer a taboo subject to talk about with someone! Time to start talking about sex with women I like, to take pressure off of them this way they will decide that they want to have sex with me!

More and more women claiming that they “don’t need no man!” and think that marriage is a patriarchal structure that they want no part of? Fantastic. More single women for me who are not turned off by open relationships. Its no coincidence that most women who I have gone out with who are either already in, or are supportive of open relationships call themselves feminists. If that is wrong, then I do not want to be right. Monogamy is antiquated beyond explanation.

So female performers in entertainment are being valued on the same level (and eventually a higher level, give it until the 2020s or so)? Cool, I guess. Its just stupid entertainment to me anyways. And more eye candy for me! Are we really going to complain about this?

I do agree that life is probably generally going to suck for a man and rock for a woman in the west going into the 2020s. But those who take the “red pill” (which is a very collectivist thing to do) are wrong: Men will not have all of their rights taken away tomorrow because of this. They won’t even have their rights taken away in a few years. However, I’ll go out on a limb and make a prediction that by the 2030s or so, men in the west will be treated like women in the west before the first significant women’s movements took place in the 1970s: Women will own men’s bodies and choices, and will not be challenged on it. I’m predicting that most men will like this.

So, in the meantime, why not prepare and try to go somewhere where you are not affected by the feminine imperative if its really affecting you so badly? And let me tell you, when women begin catcalling men in the 2020s, which is when I’m predicting that society is going to transition from patriarchal to matriarchal, and when women will be doing the same “toxic masculine” things that men do to hunt for the opposite sex, we’ll see a lot of “red pill” guys back off. A lot of them will also back off when they realize that things won’t be too bad if they just do as their woman tells them and get in the kitchen, clean the house, and have sex when the woman says to. Why is this? Because the “red pill” movement is collectivist, and being a collectivist is not a masculine trait.

And I’m not usually wrong with my predictions.

I predicted, WAY back when I was in high school, that by 2020, we’ll have a president with no political experience (my guess was Madonna). And boom, we have Tantrum Trump as our president.

I predicted in 2001, when I was accused of stalking, that women are going to be persuaded by schools to report anything a boy or man does to them that they do not like as sexual misconduct. I made this prediction out of fear and it was a rationalization, but it was a prediction nonetheless. And boom, all of a sudden boys and men in college, as well as Hollywood stars are being accused of sexual misconduct all over the place.

And finally, I predicted (and this was way back in JUNIOR high), that sometime in my life, I would experience something similar to World War 3 before I turned 40. Well, the way we keep pumping money into our armed forces to keep on attacking other nations because “we know what’s best for them because our democracy is the best on the planet,” We will witness World War 3 before 2022 (when I turn 40).

And again, these kinds of predictions are like counting cards in blackjack. If you know that the cards are not in your favor, why have so much stake (emotionally or otherwise)? And also like counting cards, the advantage can shift back in your favor just as easily as it shifted to the house’s favor. If you take all of the stuff that is happening to you and fight against it like a collectivist, you’ll lose. We do not need to be collectivists anymore.


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