The Five Most Degenerate Acts That People Have Come Up With



The month of March will feature some of the most important articles on this blog, many of which will be written about in my book that I intend to self publish in July. And it is one of the rare articles where I attack behavior and/or people. And I do this sympathetically, to make others aware of things they may be doing that are negatively affecting them.

One thing I enjoy doing is what gamers call speedrunning, which is beating certain video games as fast as possible. A few years ago, I stumbled upon a video where the first line uttered was “I’ve once called speedrunning the most degenerate act man has come up with.” The person who made the video then highlights five individuals who he claims act like degenerates while playing. The video in its entirety is in my last article about this here. It is a good watch, and I go back to it from time to time.

This article will be a companion piece to the previous one of sorts, as I believe it is necessary to detect things that may be holding you back in your journey to succeed. Webster’s dictionary defines degeneracy as “something that shows a significant decline in physical, mental, and moral attributes.” A lot of these will seem obvious, but some may upset you. I’ve been planning this article for awhile and here it is. Here are five of the most degenerate acts that people have come up with, starting with the least degenerate.

  1. Being a Collectivist

Everyone knows my beef with collectivism by now. I despise it, but at the same time, I more have more sympathetic contempt for it than anything else. And all things considered, doing collectivist stuff (going on marches, posting political/social stuff on social media, voting) is just a part of our culture. At its best it is a massive waste of time and energy, and at its worst, it is an act of massive violence (as we can see from AntiFA and White Nationalists).

While I do believe that collectivism represents the existential death of the individual, I have no interest in claiming that it is destroying our culture. To say that ALL collectivists are violent is to violate this crucial rule. So while collectivism is indeed a degenerate act, it is the most negligible one because in nearly all cases, you are just wasting your energy as an individual.

2. Having a High School Mentality

Why is this more degenerate than being a collectivist? Because it can stay with you longer, it never goes away, and it is more an individual choice. When you are a collectivist, you are simply wasting time and energy when you tell others what is best for them. But if you have a high school mentality, this now affects you as a person.

Having a high school mentality is extremely shallow and focuses on things that go away just as quick as they came. And the quest to impress others who wouldn’t care if you died tomorrow can become very addictive and can cause a person to make really stupid decisions. And because we have so many materials that point out solutions, having a high school mentality is one ounce more degenerate than being a collectivist.

That said, the pressure to impress others is often just as high as the pressure to save the world™, but different than collectivism, the temptation to do this is a bit more avoidable. Which makes it that much easier to not have a high school mentality. The difficult thing about abandoning the high school mentality is resisting the temptation to engage in it, as it is everywhere. But it is much more avoidable than collectivism, which is very much becoming a religion, as I argue here. The high school mentality is not nearly as dogmatic.

3. Letting Crush Culture determine your romantic decisions

This is a clear sign of degeneracy, especially in a culture that is slowly moving past the very antiquated concept of monogamy. As I posted several times, crush culture revolves around overvaluing the opposite sex to where they are often the sole source of your happiness. This is a very malicious thing to do, and it places pressure on everyone involved in a romantic relationship.

While I understand why people become monogamous, I do not understand why they must place their partners on such high pedestals. And different than most bloggers, I draw no distinctions between sexes or sexual orientations regarding this. Male, female, straight, or LGBT, crush culture is something that affects all of us. We live in a culture that is more open about love and sex than ever before. Being part of crush culture is to attack this newfound open thinking.

Because of crush culture, love and romance is an unnecessarily deadly game of chess. It was like this for women before the sexual revolution and it is like this for men now. And it appears that collectivists of both groups (surprise, surprise) are missing the point. Crush culture is the catalyst for all of this. No person should be walking on eggshells when pursuing romance. Crush culture makes sure that no matter what, someone will be doing this.

4. Being too self important (vs having knowledge of self)

The first four degenerate acts are things that are soundly pressured onto an individual. If someone acts like a collectivist, has a high school mentality, and is driven by crush culture, I honestly cannot blame them for doing those things. Abandoning them requires one to be comfortable being alone. As a natural born introvert who does not mind being alone at the house writing, it is easy for me to turn down doing the first three.

However, there is only slight pressure to remain self important and not self aware. A lot of people, many of which partake in the first three degenerate acts, universally agree that people need to desperately work on being self aware and developing knowledge of self.

A distinction that many fail to make is the distinction between being self important and having knowledge of self. Everyone should solid knowledge of self. To me this is the belief that you are a good person who is worthy of great things as long as you work at it. But someone with knowledge of self also knows not to take themselves so seriously, because someone with knowledge of self knows exactly when to take themselves seriously and when not to.

When someone is choosing not to be aware of their faults and takes themselves so seriously that they believe they deserve things just for existing, they have become a degenerate.

5. Excessive…anything

This is what my last article about this was about (as well as the video in the article). Life is about balance. It is one thing to spend a couple of days off of life and binge watch stuff for a day because you are sick, injured or have overworked yourself. It is one thing to spend an entire week being obsessively productive because you need to finish a project. But when these things are taken too far, that’s when they become degeneracy.

Why is this the most degenerate act of all time? Because unanimously, no matter what they believe in, everybody agrees that pretty much anything in excess is not healthy. It also ties into the previous four. There are people who take collectivism, crush culture, and the high school mentality too far and who are so self important that they pretty much believe they are God.

Excess is what does this to a person, and it is something that a person has complete control over. How do you know you are being excessive? Its when the activity is taking over certain other things in your life that you know you need to address. I mentioned this in my article about pornography, so let’s use that as an example. I watch my share of pornography, but I also take the time and effort to meet women as well.

If you watch so much pornography that you do not care about meeting women off of the screen, then you have crossed this line. This behavior must be micromanaged. Social media is another thing that is nice to have, but can also turn excessive. Message boards of any sort are also the same. As I mentioned in my other article about this, any pleasant distraction can become excessive. But also, productive activities, if taken too far and if especially if they take away from pleasurable stuff, can become excessive.

If you want to take anything away from this article, let it be this: Anything in excess is not good. Be aware of the things you are doing and if they are cutting in to other activities. Life is about balance, staying in control, and being aware of things. Doing things in excess violates all three.

Are there times where it is a good idea to take time off of other things in your life for a short while to get really good at something that, when mastered, will make you very free and happy in the future? Absolutely. That is what this blogger writes about in his tutorials about creating a blog that makes money. In that article, he mentioned that he took six months off of life to work on his blog. And because of that, he was able make a living from writing in his blog.

And that applies for anything you wish to improve that you know will make things much better for you in the future. For example, I have been exploring the realm of freelance copywriting for roughly a year now. And although it has not yet been able to completely replace the jobs I previously had, I am on the way there. And I know for a fact that if I took six months off everything else around me and focused only on freelancing, I would likely be able to do freelancing for a living, and probably a better living than what my previous jobs offered.

But it is when somebody obsesses about an activity that they know will not lead to increased success, happiness, or personal freedom in the future, this is when the activity becomes degeneracy. It is your job to determine what these activities are. And deep down inside, you do know.

So those are the five most degenerate acts that people have come up with. If you want to be a better person, resist the temptation to let them determine your actions.


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