The Endgame Of Collectivism


I’ll take “Things that make me close my eyes and shake my head” for $1000, Alex.

Here we go. Joelsuf’s ranting about collectivism again. This is a set-up article of sorts for another article dealing with collectivism that I will be writing sometime next month. I’ve been planning on it for a long time, and it will be much more detailed and provocative than this. While it will not be a final word on collectivism, it will certainly explore my concept of Immortal Individuality a bit more.

The chain of events in the last month have been a collectivist’s (and more important, the puppet masters behind the collectivists) dream come true. For the last six weeks, my social networking platforms have been blowing up with collectivism related posts and shared posts. A very close friend of mine, who I have known for over two decades, recently posted the above picture, criticizing it. Different than myself who just kind of makes fun of it, he was outright insulting it and apparently was quite affected by it.

He has no idea (or maybe he DOES) that he is just as bad as they.

There is only one endgame for any collectivist. Whatever “right” you are fighting for, the endgame is the same. All forms of collectivism degenerate to the same thing:


This is indefensible, and is a natural progression for anyone who screams about “issues,” “rights,” “protecting the _____,” or any given position to where they wish for an entity who they are comfortable with to determine and decide what is best for others.

This is much different than providing support for certain individuals via an event where lots of people are involved. That is not the “collectivism” I’m talking about. For example, twice a year, I watch gaming streams that support the Prevent Cancer Foundation as well as Doctors Without Borders. And I donate a little to them. None of these organizations are in the interest of telling others what they should be doing with their lives. And if they did? They wouldn’t get a dime from me.

I’m also not describing people like my mother (who I REALLY need to get to guest post on here sometime) who were attempting to legitimately bring balance to certain relations in our culture in the interest of equality and freedom of choice. Many of the protesters and figures of the women’s and civil rights movements 40-50 decades ago would not agree with what protesters are doing now. I should know: my mother says it herself quite a bit.

It is when you go to marches and protests and scream about deciding what is best for others is when things get toxic. That is when the line between protesting for balancing relations and aims for supremacy is approached. That line is crossed when you become what you are fighting against. The modern day progressive thinker and the modern day alt-right thinker are not aware of this at all, and it is at their own expense. The “laws” that these groups wish for so much will wind up affecting their own personal freedom in the end.

Pay very close attention here. No one should have the power to tell others what is best for them. No one person or group of people have the ability to do this without sacrificing their own ability to be a pacifist.

The first steps to attaining long term happiness lies in four words:

Live And Let Live.

And then the next step is to follow these three words:

Accept, Adapt, Adjust.

“But wait, Joelsuf!” You protest (see what I did there?). “I was taught that I need to fight for people who can’t fight for themselves and that being selfish is bad! And we have to make sure the world is a better place for centuries after I’m gone!”

Aaaaand that’s why you are not as successful or as happy as you could be. It is why you are not only probably afraid of your success, but in all probability, you do not want to be successful at all. A little musing about success: The 9-5 Grind is NOT success. Getting married and having a family is not successful (in the “traditional” sense it may still kind of be, but being “traditional” is what got us into this phase of freedom robbery in the first place).

I could get a new job in a week with the materials I currently have at my disposal. I could find a woman who wants a family, go on a few dates with her, and within a year have a decent job and a family if I really wanted to. Yes, people are that desperate for love and a family. I dated someone like this last summer. Within MINUTES of our first date, she mentioned that she wanted children. Now yes, she was a 35 year old woman. It made sense that she wanted a family. But I’ve witnessed BOYS in their TEENS wanting this. I used to be one of them. Ugh.

No, I have actual contributions I wish to make to others. Not to society, but to other individuals. Take a look at all those people in all those marches and protests. Do you think ANY of them care one iota about anything other than getting their point across? I know for a fact that they don’t. Want to know why? Because they want to make sure that things are only convenient for their own kind. Not one of their kind? Then prepare to be inconvenienced. Does that sound real selfless to you? Does it sound like something a good, thoughtful person would do?

A good person would look at the events that take place around him or her and say “you know what? No matter what kind of materials I may have at my disposal and no matter how horrible my day has been, I promise not to do such awful things. Hey! I’ve been through my share of hell before, why don’t I write (or draw or sing or dance or do any form of performance) about it? I might be able to sell a book (or comic book, or record, or show) and make money off of it!”

But you’ll never, and I mean never hear that form the degenerate POS scum who wish to create noise pollution in the form of protests and marches.

People can run around and have a “march for our lives” as much as they want. I’ve been on the “March for My Life” for as long as I can remember.

In a place chock full of people who wish to save the world, be the one who wants to save your own world from those who wish to save the world.

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