Things That I Will Stop Doing (or will do Much Less) By 2019


Some activities last a lifetime. You can do them your whole life usually at the expense of nothing else and it never gets boring. Or, they do not grow into a tragic waste of energy. This is very rare, but should be something you should hold onto.

However, there are some other activities that you may need to decide to do away with after realizing that they are not very smart uses of your time. These things, while very pleasing and even fulfilling years ago, have simply been replaced with better activities that are much smarter uses of your time.

It is kind of heartbreaking when I see the same person do the same kinds of activities year after year, having no idea of how these things have become a tragic waste of energy. And I do not mean eating the same food, watching the same shows, or playing the same video games over and over. These kinds of things are negligible. I’m talking about major activities that have become part of a lifestyle.

I’ve become acutely aware of this. No one can do the same things with their lives over and over and expect any kind of fulfillment. And some habits are just really bad and should be replaced by better habits that are much better uses of time. By next year, 2019, I plan to halt (or at least come close to halting) the following:

Full time bowling. When I say “Full Time Bowling,” I mean going to weekly leagues. I will still practice, bowl select tournaments, and even substitute for people on my bowling league or just bowl every week for half of a league or something)
Watching adult videos and self pleasuring. Before I could easily form a romantic relationship, I did these things to release tension and because finding a partner was a bit more difficult. This is probably something I will not halt completely, but cut back on quite a bit. Not to mention that self pleasuring can be pretty bad for you.
-Interacting with anything involving collectivism. This means posting about collectivism in any of my content, as well as discussing anything collectivism related, online or in person. Even joking about collectivists (which is psychotically easy) will stop. I feel like by 2019, I will have said everything I ever have had to say about collectivism, so I need not beat a dead animal. The bi-annually POS tests will still be published, however, since different “events” can seduce people into being a collectivist as the years go by and I will forever be committed to getting people to resist the temptation to be a POS.
Using social media for anything other than business purposes. Because I wish to make money being a writer and entrepreneur, I understand that while social media is probably necessary in some aspect. I need to be able to resist the temptation to use social media for any other purpose.
-Working a traditional, location-dependent job. No matter what the situation is, I do not intend to give up on location independent income. I have given up on enough things in my life. And to be really honest, the things I might need to give up to have consistent location independent income are beyond negligible.

Some of these are easy to quit, as they can be replaced with other similar activities. Full time bowling is one of them. Compared to “gambling,” bowling is not a good investment of my time or money. Sure I am doing something physical and I can possibly do it to make money, but the money involved is simply not worth it.

Consider this: It costs roughly $20 per week to bowl. I can take that same $20, put it in a random slot machine in a casino, and experience a slight return on investment sometimes, especially if I am disciplined enough to leave when I feel I have made or spent enough money. Or I can learn some blackjack techniques and experience a slight return on investment 3 or 4 out of every 5 sessions. Compare this to bowling, where I need to make sure my team is beating the other teams so that my team can win more prize money at the end of the season.

Additionally, I am at a crossroads where physically, I can choose either bowling or weightlifting…not both. I simply won’t be able to bowl well if I busted my ass in the gym days prior. And I don’t mean lifting a couple of weights or running for a half hour and going home, I mean training like I’m a bodybuilder in the 70s. I cannot do this and expect to perform well as a full time bowler. I have proved this to myself many times.

Some other things will be much more difficult to do. Stopping, or at least limiting self pleasure and stopping and/or limiting pornography consumption are two of them. Why are these more difficult to stop? Its because not only do I not have the ability to go and have sex with someone (which self pleasure and pornography is a “replacement” for) literally whenever I can, I also am having trouble finding a different but similar activity, like with bowling.

Other things are just a matter of swapping out habits. For example, I often find myself wasting hours on social media joking about wrestling shows. Sometimes this can last up to two or even three hours, which is not productive at all. Additionally, I know for a fact that if took that time and swapped it out for getting more information and using said information on things I need to do to make money from home, I would make a lot more progress.

And that is the most difficult transition I will be making going into 2019…working from home for a living. I know very little about working from home. All I have been doing for the last year is doing some freelancing stuff on upwork and that is about it. I come across all kinds of materials from people who have made much more money independent of location than they ever did at a “regular” job. I want to join their ranks. I have been obsessed with my personal, individual freedom since high school began.

I have all the tools I need to be successful at this. All I need to do is do the proper research, put it into practice, and be patient.

However, I have had a very bad habit of giving up on things. Not because they get too difficult, I enjoy when things are difficult. I give up on things for two reasons: first, I get overwhelmed, and second, because it is difficult for me to determine a purpose in the things I aspire to do. If I wish to make money without leaving the house, I will need to understand this part of myself, and refuse the great temptation to give up. However, that is a different article for a different time.

The whole purpose of life is to keep improving and never stagnate. These are just a few changes I wish to make in the next six months.

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