Society Doesn’t Think I’m A Good Person, And I Don’t Care…Here’s Why


This is it.

You are reading the FINAL post EVER on this blog involving collectivism, other than my bi-annual POS tests.

After today, there will be no more more articles in the “POS related” or “social/political” category, as I promised here.

I’m hanging it up today.

So as everybody knows, today is election day in the US. How do I know its election day? Because voting has been advertised to me like today was Christmas or something.

Google’s front page has been changed to “Go Vote,” businesses everywhere around me are offering specials if you prove that you voted, and I even got texts on my phone from my city’s mayoral candidate.

To me, this is unsettling.

It represents a legitimate war on individuality. The fact that voting for people who know what’s best for us to make our decisions for us on how we should live is being heavily advertised and seen like a sign of good morals to me is frightening.

It reminds me of when we used to have theocracies where if you didn’t accept that God has a physical relationship with you as a fact, you were exiled, left for dead, and your name was removed from all records. Oh yes, stuff like this actually happened.

Oh, you want proof? Here you go. Here’s the existential death of individualism, in 15 minutes.

Let me tell you something.

Ever since I was an adolescent, when this collectivist shit was forced on me, I have “voted” for only one person to make my life better. I have only “voted” for one person to make both my life and other peoples’ lives better.


And friend, you are looking at him. I’ve been voting for myself to make the things around myself better my whole life.


Like George Carlin said in his 1996 HBO special Back in Town, this land has been bought and sold and paid for a long time ago. The shit the shuffle around nowadays is meaningless.

So go ahead. Tell me I’m not a good american™ because I didn’t vote one more time.

Oh even worse, tell me that I have no right to complain because I didn’t vote™ again. Not like I ever complained about our government, I think the current events that come our way are hilarious. What do I do with policies and laws I don’t like? I certainly don’t become a collectivist idiot, I accept it, adapt to it, and adjust to it.

And the best insult of all, if you don’t vote then you ARE the problem.™

Go ahead. Keep going. Keep placing your happiness in others. I’m going to keep doing me.

“Be Your Own Ruler Of Your Own Kind Of Land”

“But Joel! That’s selfish!”

Really? I’m selfish because I don’t embrace collectivism like you do? Because I have made the choice to govern myself and pray to myself, things you don’t do? That makes me selfish?

seems legit meme

I’m just being an edgy anarchist? I’m just shit posting? You’re right, I was doing that…back in the day, in late teens and my 20s, when I was still under the spell of the narratives that rob us of our individuality. And just because I am cynical about how our nation decides to rule, divide, and conquer its people does not make me a shit poster.

Wanna know something crazy? I don’t care about the world. Never did. Never going to. It’s too big for me to save. I do care about the people I hang out with and the people who buy my stuff, however. I care about them quite a bit.

Allow me to quote part of a wrestling promo from WWE Wrestler Triple H that aired almost a decade ago:


I don’t run from my past. I’m not a good person. I never have been a good person.


How do I know that I’m not a good person? It’s because I’m not a collectivist. And I’m very, very happy about that.

So my emotional stake in the world is completely removed. Good for me. So who do I care about?

Like I said, I care about people who want to change their lives for them, on an individual level.

I care about people who, like me, have seen that being a collectivist doesn’t solve any problems in their lives. In fact, it often only brings more drama into it.

These are people who are struggling to understand why the world has taught them to have a massive emotional stake in things that they cannot control at all.

If you are tired of people telling you to be butthurt about all this stuff and are ready to divorce yourself from our love affair with collectivism, the high school mentality, crush culture, and other concepts that place more agency in other people than yourself when it comes to your life, click right here.

You deserve much more than to place your happiness in the arms of people who wouldn’t shrug if you died tomorrow.

You deserve to be happy. The people you vote for today wouldn’t even notice if you died tomorrow…even if you DID vote for them.

Let that sink in.


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