The “Paranoid Oppressed Supremacist” Test


This is something I update every six months.

The purpose of it is to see exactly how influenced you are by outside forces that have very little to do with your personal success or happiness.

This does not mean you can’t have opinions on stuff. That is not what I mean at all. By all means, express all the crazy opinions you want.

But if these opinions are influencing your decisions, that’s when you need to be concerned. If you are acting on these opinions, then something is wrong.

I write about this at length in my book, Why so Butthurt. Making decisions based on external solutions is a tragic waste of time.

Also, although it may be hard to believe, I’m not on some kind of wild and crazy crusade against collectivists. If I did that, I would be a hypocrite. All I intend to do is show people that accepting, adapting, and adjusting to forces around them on their own is a much, much better use of energy than trying to save the world.

This test will be updated every January and every June. The fact that more questions get added speak to our culture’s slow transition from being one that revolves around the individual to one that revolves around collectivism, activism, justice (which is a “nicer” way of saying vengeance), and other external solutions.


Anyways, here we go!


If you are under 18, immediately add 10 points. You are at an age where you are extremely impressionable and suspect to all kinds of programming from other POS’s, from your parents to your teachers, to yes, even me. Also, when you are 18, society pretty much dictates that you take yourself as seriously as humanly possible. This also pertains to your opinions and other things.

If you are under 25, add 5 points. You are still impressionable, and even worse, you (often belligerently) shout that you aren’t impressionable while you regurgitate the very sources that influenced you. I myself have done this when I was in my early 20s.

If you are currently in high school or college, add 20 points. You are around POS fueled ideas all around you when you are in school. Whether you like it or not, you are affected by them.

Add 30 points if you have been to a demonstration, protest, riot, or anything similar to the picture at the beginning of the article in the past six months, even if the purpose of it was to network or meet new people or something. No matter the cause, deciding to inconvenience others because you feel inconvenienced reveals some very toxic qualities about yourself.

If you have personally organized or led any of said demonstrations or protests, give yourself 100 and do not bother taking the test. Your mind is already made up. Have fun selfishly telling others what is best for them. You know exactly what you are doing. Keep in mind that you’re putting yourself in the same boat as cult leaders. Not that you care.

Part one: Religion

Do you believe in a Supreme Being/Deity?
Yes and the relationship is direct = 5
Yes but the relationship is not direct = 2
No = 5

Religion, in general:
Is the core of our culture = 5
Has been holding back humans for centuries, if not millennia = 5
Has good and bad aspects, like anything else really = 2

Do you know what Nihilism is?
Yes and I am a Nihilist = 5
Yes and I dislike it = 5
Yes and I am indifferent to it = 2
No = 2

Religious institutions should pay taxes.
Yes, but only the religions I do not like = 6
Yes, all of them = 4
No = 6
Taxes shouldn’t exist anyways = 6

People who are not religious are bad people.
True = 5
False = 2

People who are religious are bad people.
True = 5
False = 2

Prayer in school…
Should be a requirement = 5
Should be available, but not necessary = 2
Shouldn’t be allowed at all = 5

-End of Religion section-

Part two: Race/sex/Gender relations

_____ Lives Matter.
(Any specific race) = 5
All = 5
No = 2

A famous person says something potentially racist or sexist on social media. As a result, their show is cancelled. What is your response?
Good! He/she doesn’t deserve to be on TV after that! = 5
This is a clear attack on free speech! = 5
I liked the show. Sucks that its cancelled but I’ll live. = 1

There is a war on:
Men = 5
Women = 5
LGBTs = 5
Um, humanity I guess? = 2

All heterosexual men are rapists.
True = 5
False = 5
Wait, what? Someone actually argues this? = 2

I can’t have sex the way I wanted to before, so now pursuing any kind of sex is illegal.
True = 5
False = 5
Wait, what? Someone actually argues this? = 2

I need Feminism because…
Women are still oppressed! = 8
Meh, let them make their cases. Live and let live = 2
We don’t! We need Men’s Rights instead! Don’t you understand? The world sucks because women have more rights! = 8

What is your opinion of the manosphere (groups of men who try to help each other, mostly using attacks on women’s groups as a platform)?
They’re doing God’s work! You have NO idea how badly feminism has affected culture and the world! = 8
They’re woman hating terrorists, all of them! They train men to be murderers and rapists! = 8
Some speakers and writers in it are alright, some of them get too insane = 1

Do you know what the term “cisgendered” means?
Yes. They are harmful no matter what they do= 5
Yes but they are only as harmful as their actions = 3
No = 1

You’re watching a gaming marathon and it is difficult to tell the gender of one of the players. Your reaction?
I’m not watching anymore, in fact I’m gonna tell other people not to watch either! = 8
I love it! We need more players like that! = 8
So what? It’s a gaming marathon. As long as they don’t tell me what opinions I should have, its cool = 1

Do you know what a “cuck” means?
Yes and you are one for disagreeing with me = 5
Yes but I know what it actually means (which is pretty weird) = 3
No = 1

Do you believe that there is a “Rape Culture?”
Yes, men get away with rape all the time = 6
No, its an invention by raging feminists to control men’s sex lives = 6
Yes and it sucks no matter who you are = 4
Possibly. If there is, it isn’t as bad as it used to be = 2

Is systematically being attacked by women’s lib = 4
Is part of the evil patriarchy = 4
Has both good and bad aspects that should be micromanaged accordingly = 2

Is a sign of strength and is under fire = 4
Is sign of weakness = 4
Has both good and bad aspects that should be micromanaged accordingly = 2

“Hookup Culture:”
Gives chicks too much choice in dating = 5
Allows people better access to potential partners and allows dating to be much easier than before = 2
Allows bad men to run around = 5

Do you know what “Body Positivity” is?
Yes and I am a proponent of it = 5
Yes and trolling them is hilarious = 5
Yes, but people should make their own decisions about their weight = 3
No = 2

It was revealed that a famous person who you previously liked a lot was caught saying a lot of nasty slurs years ago. Your response?
They’re dead to me = 6
I now question their credibility as a human being, but it doesn’t make them a bad person = 4
I need more information before I can judge them. Have they done anything that reflects what they said? = 1

Someone who you were a fan of was accused of sex offenses. Your reaction?
It’s the #MeToo movement! People can just make up lies about being sexually assaulted now! They didn’t do anything wrong! I stand with _____! = 5
Well I’m not a fan anymore. Lock them up for life! = 5
That’s crazy, but it doesn’t affect me = 1

What is your opinion of incels (Involuntarily celibate, people who are very sexually frustrated)?
I feel pretty bad for them, but they need to calm down = 1
They’re misogynistic terrorists who need to be silenced = 8
I am an incel. No one understands what we go through, the entire world is a massive conspiracy of injustice against us = 8

What is your opinion of pickup artists and other dating coaches?
They systematically teach men to be chauvinistic, misogynistic rapists! They MUST be stopped! Murdering them should be legal! 8
Some of them teach stupid stuff, some of them teach good stuff. I take it all with a grain of salt = 1
I understand what they’re trying to do, but they should really try not to treat women like pieces of meat in their language = 3

-End of Race/Gender/Sex Relations section-

Online etiquette/activity/regulation section

How often do you post about social/political stuff online?
Several times a day. People need to understand what is going on! = 12
7-10 times a week. I usually feel better if I post about these events that make me mad = 8
At most 7 times a week. I ignore some things, but most things really get to me = 6
1-2 times a week. I ignore most things, but some things really get to me = 5
At most once a week. And usually its just some joke or meme involving social/political stuff = 3
Less than once a week, just to let people know I’m alive = 2
At most five times a year. I have zero emotional stake in any of it = 1

The act of trolling (only the act of insulting and mocking others online, not doxxing or swatting):
Is hilarious even if I’m being trolled = 2
Is cyberbullying and should be against the law! = 8
Is hilarious unless I’m being trolled = 6

You post something questionable online and your account gets banned temporarily. Your next actions?
Make a new account and post something even worse. My freedom of speech will NEVER be taken away! = 8
Wait until the ban gets lifted, but mention it and complain about it forever = 5
Wait until the ban gets lifted and stop posting stuff like that on that platform = 1

Net Neutrality:
Needs to be a physical law! = 5
Is not necessary! ISPs should be able to do what they want! = 5
Should probably exist in some aspect, as long there are laws for the government’s ISPs as well = 2

Should the government be able to have access to the online presences of citizens?
Yes, they know what is best for us = 5
No, it is not moral = 5
Probably, but citizens should also have access to the government’s online presences as well = 2

A game player has been banned from a gaming event for having opinions that the proprietors of the event do not like. The player used to perform at said event. You still enjoy the content of the gamer as well as the event. What do you do?
Go on message boards and social media and viciously insult the event and everybody involved in it, screaming that this gamer should have not been banned = 5
Go to the event and hold up signs or wear clothing that say “free (name of the gamer)” on it = 8
Stop or keep watching the event and player as you wish without doing anything = 2

It is ethical to troll, brigade, doxx, or even swat people who have a different opinion than myself and anyone else who shares my opinions?
Yes = 10
No = 1

-End of Online etiquette/regulation section-

Government/Politics/Social issues section

The government:
Needs to stop bombing people and instead help poor people! = 5
Needs to protect us but stay out of our business! = 5
Needs to take go away and let citizens govern themselves! = 5
Is just kinda there and doesn’t affect me much = 2

A former president gives a whole bunch of his own money to a movie/TV Show streaming service. As far as it is known, this does not change any of the content. Your response?
Stop using it forever, for it has now become polluted by a president that I despise. There’s some kind of agenda behind it = 8
Upgrade to a premium membership! I proudly voted for this president both terms! = 8
Keep your subscription, but if you see one ad with the president in it, you’re done = 6
Keep or end your subscription as necessary. This doesn’t affect you. = 1

Political party affiliation:
Democrat = 4
Republican = 4
Third Party = 3
Anarcho-Communist/Marxist = 3
Anarcho-Capitalist/Libertarian = 3
None = 1

I vote for:
What/whoever I think is best for myself and others = 7
What/whoever can make my life better = 5
I do not vote. As an anarchist, I believe that voting is a statist microaggression that is designed to present people with the illusion of democracy while preventing the process of self rule = 7
I do not vote. I do not think it is worth it = 2

Acts of mass murder/terrorism:
Take place because we have too many guns in this country = 5
Take place because citizens are told not to open carry = 5
Are false flags designed to distract people = 7
Take place because we’re part of a violent culture = 5
Just plain suck no matter how they happen = 2

Standing for the anthem during events:
Should be required by law! = 5
Is an act of nationalism and imperialism! = 5
Is just a harmless expression of devotion. People should make their own decisions about it without consequence, as long as nobody is getting hurt = 2

Standing for the pledge of allegiance at school:
Should be required by law = 5
Is an act of nationalism and imperialism = 5
Is just a harmless expression of devotion. People should make their own decisions about it without consequence as long as nobody is getting hurt = 2

I am obligated to do what is right for my nation/race/gender/any other group.
Yes = 10
No = 2

Someone you follow on YouTube has money in a different nation. Your response?
What an unpatriotic asshole! They’re the reason why the US Dollar is so weak! I’m making an “exposed” video now! = 12
Shouldn’t there be better laws against this? = 8
Why are they doing this? How does it affect me? = 1

The government has shut down. Your response?
Join the protesters outside of city hall (even if you work for the government) = 30
Complain about it wherever you can = 10
Objectively see how this affects you, if it does = 1

Thoughts on conspiracy theorists/”truthers”?
They have some interesting opinions, but I can’t take them seriously = 2
I’m a conspiracy theorist! You have no idea what is happening! We’re trying to make things right! I’m so woke right now! = 8
They have proven themselves to be enemies to our progressive cause! We will make sure that they are silenced! = 8

Things will be better for me when:
The right person gets elected = 8
I make sure the right person gets elected by voting for them = 8
I have the right people around me = 4
I choose to make things better = 1

-End of Politics/government section-

Redemption/confirmation question: My worldviews:
Are The Truth™. People need to wake up™! = 20
Make sense to me, but its alright if others disagree = -10 (also remove your “under 18,” “under 25,” or “in college” additional score)
Make sense to me, and I wish others would consider them = 10
Don’t make sense to me, but I feel obligated to follow them anyways = 10
Add up all your responses to the previous sections. This will determine your POS score.


What does your score mean?

First, allow me to reveal the most important question.

The most important question is that one at the end, the redemption/confirmation question. If you take your beliefs and opinions too seriously to where you they literally define who you are, like with this person, things will not work out well for you in the long term, and you certainly will not be happy in the long term.

Additionally, you will run the risk of getting swayed in multiple directions based on the opinions of your peers and whatever else happens to be the “in-style” way of thinking. I have witnessed people with far-right opinions turn right around and express far-left opinions in a matter of seconds.

Never let cultural forces or determine your values or principles. Ever.

Letting external solutions, no matter the “cause,” dictate your actions is a massive waste of energy. Even if you are using those external solutions to make money.

If you scored anything above 80 on this test, and especially if you selected that first option on that final redemption/confirmation question, take a good, hard look at if these outside forces you intend to fight against is really holding you back. Chances are very, very good that they are not, and you are wasting your energy, big time.

A good score to shoot for on this test is about 40 or 50. It is alright to have opinions on certain stuff, but letting these opinions affect your future actions, being paranoid for your kind, or thinking that something is some “wild injustice” against your kind will not end well.

True to our culture becoming less centered around individualism and more centered around collectivism, there are no answers on this test that give zero points. This is something that you might have noticed, and I did this for a reason. Keep this in mind; the social pressure to be a collectivist is never ending.

Life is about accepting, adapting, and adjusting to what happens around you. That is how Immortal Individuality is achieved.

If you scored really high on this, it means that your emotional stake is in things around you instead of your own actions. Simply put, it means that the world around you has some semblance of power over your world.

Outside forces should never have too much agency, no matter who you are. This is not an easy thing to accomplish, but it will make you much better than most.

Here’s a little secret: If everything around you operated the way you wanted it to, you would still not be happy. You would still be cherry picking things that needed to be “fixed.”

This is a very deep and dangerous rabbit hole to jump down. If you scored anything over 80 on this test, you have been tempted by it. Take that energy and focus it on other things that make you happier. It WILL make you happier or my name isn’t Joelsuf.

Here’s another secret. Progress is never achieved on a grand scale. It is always achieved on an individual basis.

You “solve” things one person at a time.

How do you do that? By being the light that other people want to follow. It is literally the only way. When you are successful and happy, people will be curious. They will ask how you are so successful and happy while they are just “tolerating” their existence.

That is when you tell them that your way was clear as soon as you realized that complaining about stuff and protesting against stuff was a tragic waste of energy.

There is a reason why all of these major religious figures changed the lives of people all by their lonesome. It is because they inspired others with their discoveries, their achievements, their teachings and their own sense of Immortal Individuality.

And here’s another secret.

People who are truly successful? They don’t even think about this kind of stuff. And by “truly successful,” I’m not talking about famous people or people who think that working for the man for 50 years and hoping that others will take care of you in your old age is somewhat successful.

I’m talking about people who have created their own empires and who live and breathe their business. These kinds of people may have some opinions on this kind of stuff, but they don’t even waste any longer than a few minutes of their time on it.

If you are truly interested in being happy and successful to the point where you will not need to rely on anybody for anything ever again, you would do well to score as low as possible on this test.